A Serving Guide for Mom’s on Mother’s Day

I know that there are plenty of mothers in our business (probably many that wish they had the day off) that I have to commend for being full time parents and servers. Not only do they deal with their own hellions, they come to work to help babysit others’. Out of respect, I don’t request time off for holidays such as this and neither should other non-moms. As for the moms that do work this day, I have written a short list of things to make your day just a little more bearable!

  1. Invite your family to come sit in your section.
  2. Treat yourself to your favorite shift meal.
  3. Enjoy the camaraderie of motherhood with other mothers at your table! You will often leave with a bigger tip; this is an easy chance to practice being personable.
  4. Spend the morning/evening with your children! Plan a small breakfast, mini-golfing, bowling, etc. that will allow for a little enjoyment before or after your shift.

If you have a mom in the business, make sure you take care of her. I also wrote a small list of things for you!

  1. Surprise her by sitting in her section, nothing like seeing your family on a hectic work night. But don’t dawdle for too long, she still wants to make money.
  2. Do something special for her before or after the shift.
  3. Surprise her with her favorite flowers while she is working, [most] women love small gestures and they love when they get to show them off to their co-workers/friends around them (“look at what my family did for me.”).

Now I’m off to take care of my own mother.
Happy Mother’s day mommas!

2 responses to “A Serving Guide for Mom’s on Mother’s Day

  1. I’m working today and I decided to take your advice and torment my children before work in celebration of mother’s day. 😀

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