About the Blog & Her


Before every server and bartender gets pissed off because I have portrayed serving/waiting tables as something other than hell on Earth, keep reading.

The birth of this blog stems from my love/hate relationship for people, my job, and relationships. I’m here to portray to you the best parts of the shittiest moments of waiting tables – even the worst of the worst can teach you something. From bad tips to complaints, I’ve been through it all – as I’m sure we all have. So here’s a fresh perspective – maybe tomorrow doesn’t have to be as miserable as we thought it had to be.


A twenty something cocktail waitress and bartender. Sarcasm, quick wit, and aqueous eyes are what make me my money. I intoxicate the Sacramento community six days a week, play fetch with my cat, and enjoy traveling for business and pleasure quite often. I will stubbornly remain a Gemini, regardless of the alignment of the constellations.

I’m here to write to you using really bad comparisons that make no sense, a dry sense of humor, rambling and inappropriate and misplaced profanity with a dash of passion for helping. Enjoy.

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